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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 22, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, a local rapper gunned down.ow whoever pull the trigger stillei on the loose.. his death prompting anng a outpouring of support on sociall we'll have a live report. turning a corner. supporters say donald trump has hit reset on his campaign as hes hits series of swing states.s. and it comes as hillary clintonn faces new backlash over donations to her family'ss foundation.. >> if i didn't over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened.. >> coming clean.clean. swimmer ryan lochte apologizess for over exaggerating that tha robbery in rio but he stopped short of callingg it a flat out what else he said in his firstir televised interview. but first, back to school. summer is over for ten
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thousands of students but this t year there's lot more going oneg in the classroom than just reading, writing an rink man rik tick. tick good day at 9a starts now. ♪ wait for it. for it. >> oh yeah the best best to school song ever.ver. >> ever.. >> ever. hey, good day d.c. on monday morning august 22ndus is the day. d i'm holly morris alongside the t beautiful allison seymour and a wisdom martin.n steve and maureen both have thee morning off.morninff >> all righty.ll >> you know if we had school weh year round we wouldn't needdn'tn this, right?ight? >> then we wouldn't get to playy this epic song every year. y >> i don't agree with school ala year r >> were do you think about all year round school? tweet twe (laughter). >> michael phelps, katie ledec ledecky, kevin durant, kyle, k schneider and matt central ctr witnesses what they have allha a have in common besides goldes medal. can you figure the out? mussut highlights from the last daythed down in rio.
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yeah, because if they weptfe to school year round they could better hone their skills and --- let's talk weather, though.ugh. enough with this whole talk witw me. let's talk weather for the firse time in almost two weeks, we'ree getting a little break from the heat and community -- humidity.h if i went to school year round --round -- (laughter). >> making a case for it. for it. >> that's right.>> let me just t say -- say >> we agree, wisdom, we agree ar smarter kids are always a goodoo thing. >> there you go. we want them the next generatioo to be be be that's all i'm saying. all i >> we gone to school year roundo and we're perfect examples ofles what you get. g (laughter).augh >> when you don't do it all yeaa round. any way, listen, great -- i'll-i say this.sahi it's shocking to me how fast tht summer has gone.on >> um-hmm. >> i don't know. it's just probably because i'm old but i mean for the kids kid even, too, they're just like w wow, already back to school. what great day we have in storeo for this.rhis. less humid, high pressure isrese coming on across.oss today the high pressure is are little bit to the west of us ans
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brings the winds from therohe northwest so that pushes downes the humidity.the it brings in slightly coolerler temperatures of course anythinge is cooler wher ae we have beenee seems like we've been weeks nows with temperatures 90 plus that'a because we have have been weeksn now with temperatures 99 plus. p and feels like temperatures uptu around 100 or i don't so the high pressure stays in sn control actually for the next couple off days.ys. but today specifically we'respel warm, we're breezy but we're noe real humid, okay? expect a lot of sunshine and we're notot talking about any rain. r as a matter of fact we're not ft talking about any ran for whilew his high pressure stays on topt of us a the high pressure drifts to the east that will be when al little bit more humidity comesym in but not until the latter parr of the week. the so actually this is perfect pere august weather.eather. it's a little bit of a bonus for us to be talking about temperatures lower to mid 80s 8 for highs.s. and nice and comfortablele relative humidities tomorrow tor morning there could be a few a f spots out in the suburbs therebe are actually in the 50s i thinki it's going to be probably probl farther out to the west andest d northwest along i81 or extreme northwestern just syo
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low humidity and that is perfece weather to get chilly cll temperatures so watch out fortcr that tomorrow morning.orning i think it will be really realla nice actually.ctlly. rain has moved off to the east of us. last week was a tough weekghee because we had all of that rain down into louisiana, parts of po texas and obviously all that flooding that will take a longog time to clean up down there ande it will take long time for thosr flood waters to recede butut nothing like that this week.s w it look like we're in for pretty calm week real quickly here's youre'sour 85 degrees doesn't get muchoesnc better than this in august windn out of the northwest at five too 15 miles per hour.ou wisdom, have you gotten any a tweets yet.eets yet >> not yet. >> we were listening to you toou gary. we weren't on social media.cieda >> okay. sure, you we (laughter). >> i know that's not true. >> all right. aht. listen the wait is over. o for some of our area studentstue today it's back to homework, study hall and hall >> let's take a look at those oh you who are heading back toack o school frederick county students, nownw officially kicking off theirff school year. also, most
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county schools you guys are also headed back to class today. so the district of columbia.a and it is the first day of firss of its kind dc school welcome,me back students for the first time ever.ev. let's check in with jennifer davis who's will bring a live lv report coming up little bitittle later just reminder we're we' sharing your back to to schooloo pictures all morning tweet us all your pictures witht the hash tag fox5 first day. d we'll show them to youto you throughout the day. throughout the >> we'll been enjoying them. tm. >> um-hmm. >> real cute.>> >> all the way from pre k up too seniors.. >> yeah. good luck this year.uc >> happening today, it is the last day for people who work and live along ellicott city's mainm street to return to main streetr after today that area will close for several weeks. weeks the city needs to fix that fhat street so that it can be reopened. this is all after thatl aftethat devastating flash floods that t happened access to main streette will run until 7:00 this eveni
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evening. and family and friends had say their final goodbyes to to christopher barry the son of tht late former d.c. mayor andnd councilman marion barry. barry his body what loo it in state se from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. p.m then public funeral will be at the temple of praise church inhn southeast dc. younger barry died last weekendd from an apparent drug overdose. >> it was a particularly violene weekend in prince george's grge' county.county three homicides in two days muc this morning no arrests made.s . >> murders include of popularop local rapper known as swipey he was shot and kill outside of a a party in suitland early sunday a fox5's anjali hemphill is live v at prince george's county polic headquarters with the veryarte latest in this story.ry good morning. >> reporter: good well, investigators here at thet prince george's county police department still have nont sll h suspects in any of thosefhose homicides over the weekend including the most recent oneec that was at a home in suitlandtn early sunday the victim's name is douglas dol but he went by the name swipey.e he's a local rapper with a largr
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death even became a trending t topic on twitter.pi twi he's only teenager, guys, whats, we're seeing now a recent musicc video of his that was produced e here in d.c. d.c friends say he was at his at mother's home off parkwayay terrace drive at a gathering.he they say he was arguing withng w girl. he stepped outside for secondors and that's when he was shot andt killed.ll his producer spoke to our fox5's lindsay watts last night and and told her that swipey had a lot of ambition hadn't worked andke performed with big names in the >> he just was a genius when itt came to putting lyrics togethert and sometimes when he used to d it i be like where did he get that from? and it was like juss was a god gift thing from him.. but he was humble. >> reporter: your reactionea when you found out what happened ?? >> my stomach balled up in a knot. i envision for him to beonor h successful torque get his get h parents and them from out of the poverty, also, he wan
9:08 am so i asked him, he said i really wanted to be fireman and i just took on rapping another skill. l >> reporter: now investigators don't believe the three t homicides that took place in the county over the weekend are are connected.nn but if you have any information you are urged to call police. live in prince george's countyy this morning anjali hemly hillil fox5 local news. >> police in prince george's county are looking for thiins mm he is wanted in connectionneio witness murder of a 7eleven clerk in clinton.on police say 31-year-old taiwo oduwole was killed during a e a itemed robbery on saturday onura morning. police believe the same man alss robbed a nearby comfort inn. let's talk politics now.icsw to the campaign trail, theil the numbers may not be good but republican nominee -- hopeful hf donald trump is turning a cornee in the race for the white housee he's going to be on the road inn ohio today.ay another swing state that he'sg t focused meanwhile, hillary clinton willy be in california f
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questions about her family'ss foundation.dati fox's doug luzader has thehe details. >> reporter: there are ahere a couple of recent polls thatlsha suggest this race may be tightening but the swing statesa are another matter. matte that's why we see donald trumpdp hitting both ohio and virginia. donald trump heading to ohio oo today after trying to hit a a reset button in virginia.a the state that used to bed e reliablely republican but isbut behind hillary clinton his campaign and party officiala say he's back on track. especially after high profile pe visit to flood ravaged louisia louisiana. trying draw a contrast with president obama who wasntamwh o criticized for continuing his vacation during the catastrophee hess new campaign managerag suggests this has been turning point. >> this is the best week ipo thi so far in the trump campaignpaig mostly because he's able to bebl himself the authentic donaldon >> reporter: campaign isign i having to push back on reportsns trump is softening what has been signature campaign issue illegal immigration and
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are formidable beyond the polls he's far behind hillary clintonn on fundraising much she's she's maintaining much lower profile.. keeping reporters out off fundraisers martha's vineyard vr and nantucket threw the weekende and more issues you are surroundinsurrounding her famil' foundation.dati it will stop accepting foreigngn donations if clinton is elect.. >> when the second presidentecon bush came into office you nevern her people asking questions ques about his family's foundationion which was a very similar sar situation and members of hisrs h family remain on the board ofoaf their foundation while he wasas >> reporter: and the result oft this may be foreign donations may spike now for the clinton foundation now that foreignor donors realize that they could could be cut off if hillaryhillr clinton is elected. in washington, doug luzaderr fox news. well sad day for fans of thf summer games.ames 2016 rio olympics are now officially ove they wrapped up last night with a carnival th
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ceremony. gymnast simone biles had thelesh honor of holding the american a flag that at 9 feet long was s actually twice her size.e. (laughter).ghter). >> olympic flag was formally foy handed over to the governor ofrf tokyo which will host the 2020 2 summer games and guess what? h actually stole the show.. showing up to accept it drove as nintendo character super mario. >> whoa! man they do it big,t bg don't they.hey. >> sure do. >> how old is he? he looks soks young maybe i didn't see the right -- >> here's what i do know, that was looking at some of the post coverage.vera. apparently they didn't have adin lot of time to get ready becausu they were moving things in andsa out. out. >> um-hmm. >> it was kind of like a whole w on the fly doing this closing ci ceremony the fly. >> i hate to see what it was ifi they had time.ime. >> that's what i'm saying. >> when you consider everythinge that was at play before withh zika, the sewage and the -- the everything that was happening.wa >> they did well.>> tit.
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>> it fell like a lot people inn japan have that youthful look.oo >> most definitely. >> they have the elixir overhe there i >> you know what that means. me. road trip.road >> yes. okay.>> 2020 olympics here we it is harder than ever to bb a kid these days and school yeal kids will likely come face to face with whole lot offed adultu >> still ahead at nip we'll getg professional help how to talk to kids about everything from the t election to race to policeice violence to gender equality to t who you want to root for this uu coming football season.easo >> right. to football season as it first, though, redskins fans,an, slapped in the face by the team friday night.iday night. graduate paulson will join uslsn live with the reason why andre take a look how training camp is going so far. 9:12 is the time. we're back in a moment. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. ♪ >> skins nation stand up becausn guess what, this year is thehe season that we go -- >> up. >> and we stay there. we >> um-hmm. >> all right. right okay. okay look, here's the deal. the redskins pick up their first preseason win over the weekend. topping the jets on a last las minute drive.. but -- >> it doesn't matter. (laughter).
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>> she said that this time.s not me. no it was also full of surprises sr for the fans starting before the game even staed.ed. that's because coach jay grudenn decided to bench most of the team's best and some of the 50,000 fans that showed up to fed ex field, well, they weren't happy they weren'ty thrilled about it.ed abo it. for details we tn to fox55 sports reporter grant good morning to you grant.nio who are these 50,000 fans who w for some reason are shock in a i preseason game that doesn'toesn matter that starters would notld be there or could not be there?e >> reporter: i don't know that't they were shocked necessarilyriy but typically happens, wisdom, w as you know is, we find out well advance who will play and who ii not going to play. there was some games man shipans from the redskins jay grudenn decided on friday morning before the friday night game he was going to play those starters colt mccoy told reporters hepore found out he was going to starta not the birthday boy kirk k cousins he came out of theout tunnel. so i guess the question fromheut some fans was, why not put thata wore out well in advance of
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game like so many other teams dd generally you know starters wilt be on the field or not. i think there was disappointmenm you went there and tailgated ant hung out and spent regular regur season prices on lot of things i at the stadium.tadium. you didn't get to see any of thh starters game in which normallyr you would. this wasn't the first preseasonn game. ga this was week two of theo of t preseason.son it is abnormal that many guys wouldn't play.uldn't play. >> so did jay gruden give reasoo for the late decision?ecion? >> reporter: well, he didn'tn' necessarily.ce other than just to say that thee made the decision in the dio morning. the one thing that he did say he was that he wanted to get somees reps and some work for some of o his backups that in the regularl season they're going to bebe pressed into duty without witho knowing all week long they'lly'l play from time to time and he t wanted to create that kind ofndo environment in the i think there's something to bem said for f there was a lot of good film distributed and bad in many by m some of those backups trying ton figure out who should make the m team hasn't shouldn' if you can get out of the preseason healthy whin'chet is i whole goal all that matters atts the end of the day this really l wasn't probably a bad decisionys for the redskins but now theyow got to get lot of next weekt w
9:18 am
play again a fed he can field hn this coming friday night and i'd imagine you have to play youry y starters for 2.5 maybe threehr quarters abnormally long intog n that game because some of theset guys look at jordan read, trente williams your best offensive linemen they haven't played at't all that's not a great signig halfway through the >> i was going to ask, though,kt how did they look otherwise? >> very good actually. specific to defense that was ono the field first.e field fir they were able to fly around get ball carriers to the ground makk tackles i like what i saw theree colt mccoy had throws he he probably wants back including interception in the end zone att one point marching forward whata looked like a score however i hv thought he acquitted himselfimlf pretty well.el you got to know what mccoy andnd some of those veterans were.ser more important to this past week's exercise how did some off the young players respond.nd kendall thompson had a big touchdown catch and two-pointwop conversion helped within thethie game. redskins obviously stillly coaching to try to win on friday night even though it was a gamem that didn't mean anything and ay they were able to do that.blto >> if our startes
9:19 am
grant, did our second and third spring play against the jetshe t starters at all? >> reporter: some. som absolutely. i mean the jets had more off their key pieces on the field fe the beginning of the game thanfh the redskins did. d no question about that.hat the good news for the redskinsin namely on defense as i mentionei brian fitzpatrick their startert and brandon marshall thehe redskins top two corners and a safes out of the game they heldd in jets at check half time theet score was 14-two the only pointt that come on safety witnessyit redskins offense on the field.. so if you're joe berry the defensive coordinator as you geg back to work you feel great about that. you didn't have to put josh, or norman on the field. field you were still able to keep the jets off the scoreboard for most of the first half. the >> all right. >> i think the fans should beoub encouraged by that. >> here's what they should beha encouraged were unstarter who did play anda got hurt was matt jones. j >> you got problems not enoughse depth at running this is why i wouldn't play anyy starters in presean.n esea games don't
9:20 am
don't put them out >> matt jones is hurt now. >> outbought play the starters t as limited amount of time as tie possible. the problem if you don't play p your starters at all in augustus they're preseason becomesecom september and your product willt suffer in the first few weeks. s you're not going to be nearly aa effective in weeks one and two of the season.easo with that said the jones injuryr is huge. look for the redskins to start making calls to veteran runningi back released from other rostere i'm in the sure the guy otheruy than jones will carry the ball l for most of the season is on tht roster right now.. >> grant paulsen appreciate youa insight as always.insias alway >> thank you.>> t you >> i think i'm fundamentallyntal against football in august. >> is that what it is.that >> it doesn't feel right. rig rear moving closer to the real l season. >> i know. >> around the corner.the co >> it's at the corner. the cr. >> 9:20 is our time right now. n due new detail shedding light oo what may have killed prince.ri >> later we'll talk about a boxb office bomb. we'll they will you why the wil latest remake of ben hur -- hur >> i think you just did it. >> the latest remake of ben hur
9:21 am
>> definitely not the charm.y >> the fifth time. >> tnohis one goes back --ack >> has the story changed? ied don't think kevin was saying it goes back to the 1800's. >> still riding that sametam chariot.chiot. >> right. >> turns out the same way everym time. time ♪
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♪ >> you like this song. lik >> it's too short. >> well it is short. is sht. kanye west. >> are you two done. don >> yeah, we're done. don >> it is beautiful morning on monday. and
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all are with us on thishi august 22nd. it is 19:23. 19:23 right now erin como with back o the other stories makingaking headlines this morning.nes this. >> thank you very much, holly.y let's start off this mornings mi we'll start in the midwest and a weather wall parts of michigan i in cleanup mode today after a ar trail of tornadoes hit over thet weekend.weekend. mostly in the southwest part of the state.the te. no one was hurt.t but plenty of homes and hes a businesses were damaged. trees litter the trees in the ie grand rapids area. next up, for the first timet in more than two weeks, the, obama family waking up in the un white house this morning.. the first family returned fromdm their summer vacation in martha's vineyard last night.ig but it's right back to work for president obama.. he heads to flood ravaged louisiana tomorrow followed byy an overseas trip to chin in ao h early next month. month developing details in the de death of pop icon prince.e pills found at his home ande label as hydrocodone wereere actually found to contain the powerful synthetic opioid
9:25 am
fentanyl. it's 50 times more power thaww than row win. win an accidental overdose wasrdos determined to cause his death back on april 21.pril 21. new warning about the zika z virus especially for women whoon live or visit any gulf coast states. dr. anthony fauci at the a national institutes of healthea gulf coast states are most m vulnerable to the disease. disea and says he wouldn't beld be surprised to see zika in texas and louisiana especially where e there's flooding.looding. officials say the virus coulde u hang around the us for the nextx two years. and finally, in case you cay missed it over the weekend, thee worst test drive of all time i'm a traffic nerd and i love this i story. check it this happened in boss didn't friday mor a woman test driving newng new mercedes ended up crashing it ii the dealership's parking lotgot rolling it over and hit hittingt four other cars in the process.. apparently, the driver may haveh hit the gas instead of the brake. brak luckily no one was seriouslyeris in
9:26 am
about $60,000 worth of damage.. so hope she has some car insurance there. the >> i do, too. i do, too you know sidney is about to getg her learner's perm.m. >> um-hmm. >> there you go. tre y >> now an up note, i read thatdt there are four people in that tt >> four possible?>> >> none of them got hurt. >> none seriously injured. inj >> that speak to the safety ofto the car.e car. (laughter).ghter). >> good tiff many former said si december. >> holly will have to buy sidney a mercedes. >> okay.>> o (laughter). moving on, still ahead on ao good day, we are all about backc to this coming up next we'll take youe u and side one d.c. school that'st a first of its kind in thehe nation's capitol.ol. >> first though gary mcgrady isi back with how long this breakre from the heat will last and howd long this is going to stickoti around and just ahead it won't t be that long. lon and fresh at 10a, the sohe o gone challenge.hallenge. have you seen it? it's then it latest craze sweeping socialocia mode ya and all the celebritiese are doing it.ngt.
9:27 am
as you can see right here her athletes and enter trainers tra everybody and even u we're going to tell was it entails and maybe you're just js doing this wis.this wis this is how it's been written.rn wisdom martin will give us a little free tile.le >> no, no, more than wisdomm martin. mart >> i guess it's not. >> 9:27. i'm off the hook.m off >> wis see d >> i'm not very familiar withilr this. >> wis see d on the mike. >> and the crew. ♪
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>> he looks handsome. he doesn't he, i'm done.t he >> let's see. going into third grade today. t third grade is a biggy.. >> third grade is a biggy.. >> pre k here she come.e. >> super cute. supe. we love all the first day ofay school pictures.ictu >> keep them coming.>>ee use the hash tag fox5 first dayy we'll continue to share them and enjoy with you this first day.ty >> all right. rht >> what grades
9:31 am
into?into >> wow. let's see. seventh >> um-hmm.m. >> oy got one that's drivinge th school now.ho junior in high school and i got one in college. >> so all -- >> you are old. (laughter). >> listen, i know this. kno i know this about me.ows >> i'm old because i'm your same age and i have a pre k. (laughter).r) >> it's all relative. it's great today.oday. not a lot of humidity obviouslyy this summer bonus for usor u temperatures today will be upil into the mid 80s for highs. loving this right with the places north and west only in o the low 80s, that's going to be 84 for manassas.s fredericksburg about 84. here in the city we'll go 85 or so. believe it or not it may feel al little cooler not much humidity at all today. all nice and dry and comfortable.fob so heat index work either side.s you can make it feel hotter butu also can make it feel cooler coo hence that term you talk aboutbt out in the west.t it's dry heat. hea temperature right now reagan ren national up to 75.onalp to dulles 74. bwi marshall the lower 70s..
9:32 am
to stay in the middle 80s with w low humidity. humid it will be little bit breezy today.y not so much the case today. tay winds will be five to 15 today.. probably about five to 100 tomorrow. so pretty much the same day. day today and tomorrow. tomor certainly comfortable thehe humidity doesn't come back until the middle part of the week. the okay. just so you know.o thanks to this guy, big high h pressure right on top of us as s long as it's on top of us, the t center of it, or to the west ust we're pretty nice.e low humidity is the general rule. once this high starts to moveo m off to the east, that's when tht humidity can come back becauseeu the door opens if you will foryl the back side of this high to hh bring in the humidity. not the case the next couple off days.ys. most of wednesday too will be wb super nice.r nice little bit warmer really reallyl nice.nice we'll be warm. we'll be sunny and we'll be dry. we'll be dry in a couple ways.ew no rain in the forecast and a lower relative humidity.idity so it's going to feel real nicea and comfortable out there. the look at the showers to the easte of us. u we're dry. 'r high pressure doing the trickck there. nothing rely
9:33 am
week across the nation.atn so a lot of places need to dry out. look locate that will be thethat case. nice and sunny at 11am79 degrees. not humid later we'll make it up to 85 degrees5e or so. so again lots of sunshine.shine. here's your seven today foreca forecast 85 today.85 tod. 85 little hotter on wednesday.ter little bit more humid. humidity comes back thursday ans friday we're right back into summertime temperatures intoreso will feel like 96. 9 95 will probably feel like about 100 degrees and next chance of rain friday afternoon fridayoofy evening with some showers andwed some thunderstorms, whoo, i'm winded.ed i'm so old i'm out of shape. (laughter). >> three minutes of weather. >> you can come over here andom chill out. >> take nap. does we'll go back to jenniferni davis stand buying at ron browno preparator high school inhooln northeast. >> all students there walking through the doors for the first timer t this it's first of its kind school. l so what's going on, jenny? howw is everything going so far?ar
9:34 am
class in session now startedowtt 8:45 here at ron brown college c prep high school.ep ho this is one of 104 public pub schools around the city openingo their doors today for the 2016-2017 school year. y so lots of excitement.en. lots of parents very proudly snapping those awesome first day of school pictures. i'll step array way so you can c see what it look like. let me tell you a few importantr things about this school and why here this is the first and onlynl single sex pub leck high schoolg in d.c.. it is going to serve the ninthhe grade this school year, and thet it's going to add a great every year until it serves all four au grades. the goal will be to do that by 2020 and have 600 students by then. more than 100 students are a enrolled that it years. the school says it's reallyays going to focus on trying to t increase the graduation rate for young men in the city. focus on college preparation and building a strong brotherhood.ed they wear uniform an lot of students here proudly showed upp with their ties on. ties some needed a l
9:35 am
getting them on, and the principal gladly helped withit that. that a lot of excitement and little l bit of nerves, too. t here's what some families toldsl us. >> funny part was all morning hh didn't want me to touch him, h didn't want mow to take any pictures, and he's like when i i get this just drop me off. m when he saw all the people ateo the front door, he was like, mom, can you walk me to the door? please walk in with me. hold my hasn' do something.omething >> reporter: very sweet familyay moments happening here.enhere now the crowd that's gatheredre here gathered for a 10:00 o'clock press conference.e we're expecting the mayor andmad the school chancellor here ather 10:00 o'clock really kick offico and open the school year but yeb really celebrate this schoolhis want it has to offer. and the new way of educating it's bringing to the city. cit back to you guys. well thanks jenny like we've been telling you all morning ali tens of thousand
9:36 am
up early heading back to class today. this year there might be a lot t more going on the classroom, the lunch room or the bus ride home an reading writing and arithmetic.aritic >> it's been a summer up like ul any other.ano when kids head back to classo c it's likely they'll have a lot on their minds. their >> at what point do we sayay enough?enough? >> reporter: the election.ctio even seasoned politicalpolical reporters say they have neveravn seen a campaign like this.. with such deep divide even amona people of the same party. par over issues like immigration,on, the war on isis and race.. >> black lives matter!at >> reporter: race takingak center stage over the summerme after a series of seemingly unnecessary police shootingshoos involving people of color.. those shootings sparkingparkg nationwide protests and even retaliation. >> still very concerned. con >> reporter: kids today alsoay a facing issues of gender andr sexual equality.ity the politics of whi
9:37 am
playing out in school bathroomss and locker rooms across the country and right here in theint d.c. region. and these are just some of theft big issues that kids might beidt talking about this year and they could potentially be sources off conflict with other students. s so the question ttuhis morning , how do you talk to your kidss about these very adult issues? ? for answers and some voice for parents we dr. andrea, licensede clinical psychologist professorg and writer. thank you very much for comingdm in and sharinguc your expertisei >> thank you. >> so is it one of those thingsg where parents need to bring up g the topics of discussion or doi you let your kids come to you? >> yeah. i think it's both. i think sometimes especially the first week of school we're all a over the t how did it go? what did youdi u hear? who did you sit with? it and i think sometimes we need te let the kids process things. it's a big transition.itio they've got lot on their minds.. don't bombard them with questions but on the other hand don't assume they're not hearing about stuff.thabouuff sometimes we assume, oh, they oe haven't heard about that newstew item and they have
9:38 am
mulling it over and they don't d know how to bring it up.o br u i think you have to follow thei lead.lead if there's a segue you can say,y what are kids talking about at a lunch these days? have you heard anything about such andt c such? and go from there. listening i think sometimes isem just as important as we always think were you how wew say the right words to them and in reality it's kind of how weto ask the right questions.sto >> and how do we know when wehee should help them form theirheir opinions or let them form it themselves.themselves. >> parents disagree on a lot of parents say well youl need to believe this because b this is what we believe. i think sometimes betterimes approach is saying, what have wa you been thinking about and if they express an opinion that ano sort of we don't necessarilysa agree with we say what about w a this, what about this? i think making them feel heard, makingg their opinions feel valid even n if we don't grow with them is t important because otherwisee ote they'll stop talking to you.. if they feel fee like you alwayi shut them down. >> you know one thing i always y tried to even though my child id very young, he's just pour .5.r is getting him to express whyre
9:39 am
>> yes. >> you know what i mean? no m sometimes he just says thingshi i'm like i need to you tell mow why you feel that way.ay. >> yeah. i think that's great because ite teaches them to how to articulate their feelings and how to think through issues and how to have tough conversationse bout feeling like you need to -- this is too anxiety provoking ii can talk about this making theme feel comfortable that you're willing to hear them out. that's going to be a skill thatt they're going to take with theme through teenaged years andears adulthood if they feel likeeelik you're willing to listen withouo shutting them down that's sot'ss >> let's talk specifically about some of the things that weha w already brought up.adbr the campaign obviously that'sly' going to keep heating up, rightt all the way till the that yout y election and after depending onn what happens. hapns. >> um-hmm. >> this is one i think is hard t because this could be something that not only kids are tal bkini about but teachers are expressing their opinions ass as well. so how do you go about handlingg that? that >> yeah this is it unprecedented i'm hearing from lot teachers and my own kids that people aree talking about this, and the the
9:40 am
we've seen in the past it's gotten kind of i think, you know, trying toryig instill in your kids that, hey, sometimes we ned to show mr mr. respect necessarily than you're even seeing grown upsrown showing is important and kids ad might say, well, people say thii and people say this and they're' grown ups and on television i think it's important to say,, look, we can have standards for ourselves that are higher and a better even in some of the growo ups that are showing us that sometimes they screw up, too.cro >> what about like if we're ta talking about transgender bathrooms.bathrooms. how do you make your child child understand as well that maybet e you have a different opinionpinn from someone else, that it'st's okay sometimes to grow to disagree?sagree? >> yeah. that's tricky.'s ty i think tolerance and respect in saying, you know, these thingss are newly talk about by someom people.people some people don't have the sames penn but in order for us to alll be in the world together getting along we need to at least hearsh people out and we can't shut't u each other down teaching respect is so imr
9:41 am
youngest of ages.. >> at what point do you tell tl your child okay this iskathis is something where you talk aboutlt it and, you know, you walk awaya or disagree with friend ord something that you need to call attention to a higher up about? >> yeah.>> any time the child is feelingng unsafe or super uncomfortable like somebody keeps sort ofort bringing up something to them to they don't like and it bordersoe oh and that feeling of i don'tfn want to say harassment but that's could have how it feelslh it's always okay to tell a to la teacher to tell an aide on theet playground like, look yorks wan to hear about this any more andd he keeps talking about it.ut it. i think that will help tensionso escalating to the point where ie really causes problems.em >> i know some of this depends on the age of your child as we well. but when do you advise yourou child to say look we probablyba shouldn't talk about this? or let's have an intelligentn conversation and learn how toow talk constructively about it? >> yeah. kids need to learn thatha sometimes people are atre different levels and some people were talk about things and otheh friends it's just they're nottho capable of having a
9:42 am
discussion about it.scsion so being able to say, i'm noo longer wanting to talk about this, how about such and such is an important skill for any age and i think it's okay for kidsys to do d >> i guess the biggest thing iss that no matter the issue you y want to set up the framework frk that your child feelsl comfortable talking with you w about it no matter what. wt whether you agree with yourit y child or not. >> we often -- we sabotage that, ta because it's hot button for usnr and we say, you shall think this and i hate that you said that. we're doing ourselves and ourveu kids a diss satisfies if we don't make them field valued.. they'll have opinions differentt from ours one of the hardestde parts of parents.ents if we make them feel comfortablb we'll hearhem and know they'rey' not keeping things secret fromec us. >> thanks so much for coming in appreciate it. >> thank you.>> tha >> back over to you on theer t couch. >> still ahead in the fox beatox maybe hollywood will finally gey the message about remakes. remas you think? tnk >> laughter ben-hur.r ben-hur. they might.ight. >> coming up next wait until yol hear just how bad t
9:43 am
ben-hur did at the box office. really bad. 9:42 is the time. >> suicide squad still doing sti well. >> is that a rematch ginning?ini >> actually from a book, yes, it is. (laughter).
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ >> i can't wait to show it my toys.. >> psychotic and
9:46 am
>> careful. ♪ (laughter). >> all right. all rht topping today' fox beat it turns out injury read leto' joker andr the whole suicide squad got thet last laugh. lau the bad word of mouth and even worse reviews didn't seem to phase at all at the box office.c movie took the top spot against are again over the weekend it's third week in a row and the star-studded comic book moviek hauled in about $20 million tolo bring its domestic total to more than $260 million.llio the brand new movie ben-hur ---- >> can you say brand new ben-hur.n-r. >> really? >> it does go back to 1700bc 17b when they started making the t movies it.movies it. >> should have been called beene there. >> i like that allison hash tag been therell. >> ben heard it before.rdt
9:47 am
(laughter). >> all right. exactly. >> ben-hur which is a rematch ginning of the classic storyic o well it bomb. big time. $100 million movie earned just 11 million in debut weekend gooo enough for just fifth place.. meanwhile, the classic sausagese party took the number two spot, war dogs came in third. thi >> i've only seen suicide squads and i really enjoyed it.oyed i i went in knowing that thet the critics didn't like it. i >> yeah. >> but i thought it was going ti be fun and like the whole -- >> nothing says fun like suicide squad. >> let me tell you something. yu jared leto acted his face off ii that movie.thovie >> did he. >> he really did. the whole cast something new for will smith. s i like him in that and then, you know, the underdogs in this case the villians.s. >> right. >> they saved the day.hey sa >> hollywood will learn nothingg from this. thi they pick the bad -- they willth think they just pick a bad movie to rematch g
9:48 am
>> right.ig >> i'm still confused aboutfuabo rematch ginning versus rebootini versus remake.versemake >> i'm sorry.>> >> it's all the >> it was made before.>>de >> same story. >> and made again.e again it's a remake. a r >> i hahn neverly didn't known'w they were making a fifth ben-hur follow now. >> nobody else did either.ody e. >> kevin knew all about it. kne >> kev did, right. did, right. >> he broke it down for us aboua the ben-hurs in the past.he p >> i was on vacation.on. thank god. god 9:48 right now. now coming up next, domination atom the summer olympic.mmly we have look back to the final l medal count and we'll show youhu why the state of maryland absolutely owned the competiti competition. ♪ ♪
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ >> last time you going to heatog that for while. >> i got it in the car. i'm atgood.t >> all right.>> okay. >> she's not dancing on the sant any more. more it is a wrap folks. 2016 summer olympic officiallyiy over.over rio hosting spectacular end to the games last night. but what a summer it was for u usa. the ssa dominated the overall medal
9:52 am
46 gold medals, 37 silver and 33 bronze.ze china which came in second secon collect a near 70 medals overa overall. and contributing to more than a dozen of thoseo medals a few maryland's own.wn michael phelps baltimore, rightg katie ledecky of bethesda. and kevin durant of but we can't forget about wrestler kyle schneider of woodbine.wood more on his historic olympic olp showing in just a moment a shout out to matheussen tow witnessese he became the first american to claim olympic gold in the 1500-meter race in more than 100 years. >> 1908 was the last time that was done.done >> i watched that. wat that was pretty fun.n >> it was. his dad is a track coach at au at american.. >> then has good coaching. >> he's legit when we talk about maryland we were talking aboutrl overall medal count theyhe actually got 14 gold medals. mel >> i was trying to look up. lk >> three silver
9:53 am
>> i don't mean to interrupt.ert i was trying to look up the the young woman from rockville who took gold.d. >> the >> i forget the wrestler.r. >> >> so she made history and then plus -- >> helen morocco.orocco >> 14 gold. gold. that's okay for maryland. maryl these were all for obviouslybvus team u.s. 14 gold, three sill verse onel e bronze only five countriesy fi finished with more gold than the state of if maryland competed as its own nation, it would have come inavi 14th in the overall medalll med count much.unt much. >> that's mazing.>> thas ma >> yeah. again, 11 of those were michael phelps.phelps >> right. rig >> we've adopted maryland as ouo home now. n we can take personal pride in p that. >> well for our kids it is home >> that's true. that' there you go. >> exactly. >> we do all live in maryland. l >> yeah.. >> well, with that, let's head on over to miss erin como.omo. she claims dc is her home now. w >> i d
9:54 am
>> right? >> and you know what wednesdayw is? >> my first official full yearlr doing traffic here.g trfic >> oh, fantastic.ic happy pre anniversary.e annersa. >> thank you.ha you >> where does time go.ime g >> the first day of school forol so many folks in the region. getting such great tweets withs the hash tag fox5 first day. congratulations to this seventhh grader sabina center this her daughter's first day at middle school. school. hubby and i get the house back!c she's happy about that onene pictures have been flooding inlo with the hash tag on facebookebo and twitter. t great group of kids out theret e getting ready to head i like all the new bookbags and nice back to school my favorite thing was back to school clothes shopping what yos were going to wear on the first day was important.mpornt perfect shirt for this guysuy starting the fir grade. gra minions out there and all of his emotions. keep the photos coming we wantnt to see them hash tag fox5 first day.da or any commentary you have if hf there's a story really groundd are your gears or share something good or something bad
9:55 am
#gooddaydc.oo right, guys? >> absolutely. >> i love those first day ofose school pictures.ol >> i love them, too.>> i l >> everybody is all fresh and a excited.cid. >> um-hmm. >> no homework yet. yet >> montgomery county going backb next week.nextk. >> oh, yes.>> oh, y absolutely.ab >> i'll be taking pictures then. >> taking full videos.ids >> taking videos.. speaking of videos, i, already tweeted one you mightout want to take look at because beu we've got two members on thisnhi couch none of which are me youe figure the out are doing so gone challenge.. and they're legit. i already got video of allison >> because it's hard. hrd. i have a new respect for thesese rappers. it is hard to do it. i >> and mine was only 20 secondss how long was yours, wis. wis >> 20 seconds or less. >> jessica alba we got clip from jessica alba coming up as well. kevin mccarthy chatted with her. >> all right. but it's 9:55 that m
9:56 am
coffee time allison.. >> yes. coffee time on good day d.c. d.c change the music or keep thee same. sa if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs we have a new good day/dunkin' donuts mug to giveog to you it's perfect cup for that greate dunkin' donuts coffee head tod fox or out facebook page d.c. to enter our mug contest. t one lucky winner will be be selected by random drawing. hurry up, though, you have fromf now until 11. 1 m to enter. enter it is 9:56. 9:56. much more of this gold winning newscast or good day ♪
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>> are you ready for anotherea week? we sure are.? on w this monday morning.. this hour ryan lochte have youee heard enough from him or notrot enough? did his weekend weeke apologies and explanations helpl or hurt his image? weigh in #gooddaydc. >> plus a flee from thefl cincinnati zoo. z pop using animal tragedy to get laughs on social media.alia. >> kevin mccarthy goes one-on-one with jessica alba ass she stars in new romanticc thriller and it's tooth fairyry day. how much are your kids gettingds these days? and parents, who save all those teeth, you mightt have been way ahead of your ti time. >> i don't even get that. eve >> any way, there's good reasono to smile. sle. good day at 10a starts now. now. >> hey. >> ♪ >> thas
10:01 am
>> that's the song song.e songo. that's misty i guess. >> i think so. >> we're sog the go goneoon challenge.nge. celebrities rapping over we'll do later on today.n why ya'll looking at me likee that?th >> i was not asked to it. i >> you got time.e >> i was not askeed to it.t. >> probably didn't want toto disturb you on the tranquilityui of this foolishness we're doing. >> is there anything about me am that looks like a hiphop. >> what are you talking about. >> because i love whale. (laughter). >> uh-huh. >> busting myself out.ti >> we'll do this. wll d they're going to do it. to do >> in fact -- in >> i've been practicing >> if you've done it -- >> right. >> tweet it to us. >> #gooddaydc.>> get in on the challenge.n e chal wis see d is doing it. allison have we um up with your name. >> since it rhymes you can use alley b.. >> allison has been working onn her rhyme. >> you've been working on your r rhyme it's coming just in time. >> okay.
10:02 am
>> i need a marge rota with lie lime. >> see. free >> it will be fun i think i havv new found respect because it'sas hard to get your words together. >> ♪ >> wait a minute. m >> i didn't really know --no that's monica.a >> i didn't know monica wrappedw on her own song. i thought was missy elliotiot rapping. missy elliot got with monica ana let's do this. it's genius.s. because people are talking about the song again from back in then day. >> back in the day. >> all right.>> right >> okay. it will make you sway.make y swa >> all day on good day. >> exactly. holly will be -- b-- >> she's the surprise guest. >> you know how people show uphw on the contest and somebody seb comes on the stage.tage >> she gets signed.d. >> i'm not. good day dc welcome to the 10a hour. i'm holly morris alongside off allison and steve and maureen both have thev morning off.moing >> all right. it's back to school time for lor of people.eople. especially here in the districtt and they are parts of our region as
10:03 am
county and most of anne arundell cun team let's good out tot t jennifer davis she's banding byn at ron brown preparatory high hg school in northeast.. students have been going througt those doors all morning, classes in session.inession. it's the first time ever. er. how are thing going out there ss far? >> reporter: hi there, the learning has gun. g students started their day heree at 8:45. 85. first day at a brand new schooll first all male school in theool city and now as you can see, s city officials and lots of lo parents are outside celebratingi we are waiting the arrival of the mayor and the school schoo chancellor who are going to open the 2016-2017 school year hererr in d.c. we're expecting them ata any minute.yin they're here at ron brownroro college preparatory high schooll really celebrating a milestoneil for the city.for e this is a new model they areel e trying here. this is the first time all one e sex school in the city. just for young men. it is for ninth graders.ra it was open enroll many for ri rising ninth graders all overra the city and they're going tooig grow the school grade boy grade
10:04 am
adding a grade each year witheaw goal of having 600 students in all four grades of high school s by 2020. 202 just over 100 students signed up and are studying inside as we speak.k there were both nerves, excite,c all sorts of feelings going on o here.. but mostly scheme as they beging day here.dayer they're being promised a a rigorous academic education witw things like latin and, um, theye also are really trying to buildd a sense of brotherhood here her among the young men and reallyel trying to boost the city's graduation rates for young men m which they say needs some som you know we have gotten conditions on twitter andn twitn elsewhere, why not girls? why isn't there a school like thisik for young women in the city.. >> the response is that the data shows young men are furtherur behind academically and they say they aren't op move to the ideaa of a school for girls in the i city but at this point there isn't isn't plan for one. o back to you gu >> good information.
10:05 am
too, that have shown that boysty tend to benefit from same sexe s schools more than girls do.o >> right. >> i don't know what the studywh is behind but i have readt i r different stots studies thatot have indicated that girls g florish maybe when it's coach h had and boys in how they're the brains do better in the same sam second setting.ting. that might be run of the reason they chose all boy schools. sch. >> i asked of the chancellorhaeo today are there plans and she ad says we are -- we're looking ata the but for right now this is ti what they're doing, and i say iy it can help, i mean, thesehe students get on equal footing and get them ready for the worlr let's go for it. >> they identified that's wherei the greatest need was.eed w not that the other couldn't cou' happen down the road. that's what they're addressing d we wish them the best for sure. just awry pointer to you that wo want to copy those first day ofo school pictures coming. com we'll show them all morningornig long. we love celebrating the first tt day with you all. a. make sure you use the hash tagg fox5 first day. day all right.ght let's switch gears and talkch about something
10:06 am
while this year's summerumme olympics may be over one thingei that many people are buzzinging about from the games is swimmer ryan lochte's tale he was robber at gun point in >> thought it was a tall tale. . he has admitted he over exaggerated the story.ry do you accept his apology or should a more serious punishmenn be given? lochte also admits at that he acted immaturely whichch resulted in him and hisnd his teammates getting into quite th mess in their final days of the games. but the question is, is he being genuine? >> the head of the united stated olympic committee is promisingsg further action against us u swimmer ryan lochte and three oe his >> they let down our annal athletes.e they let down americans and they really let down our hosts inn rio.ri >> reporter: lochte along withh fellow us swimmers, gunnar weptp jack conger and jimmy feigen landed hot water last weekast we during the rio olympic games. lochte original claimed he and his buddies were victims
10:07 am
armed robbery.. scepticism grew. gre now the gold med list is admitting he over exaggeratedxat his story.story. >> i take all responsibility.y this was my i over exaggerated the story. sy i still wonder that to myselfys every day now. since then like i, barks sill s doesn't deserve that.ert. rio authorities it's released ra surveillance video showing the four men vandalizing a gasg g station bathroom after a night t of partying and then handingng over money to armed securityy guards who confronted themed the further discrediting lochte'sht tail. tail >> if i didn't over exaggerateae the story, and if idol the entire story, none of this woulw have happened.. um, you know, i was -- i was coming from the friends house, u was highly intoxicated and i made immature calls.alls >> u.s. olympic committee is not saying what the punishment willl be for you the swimmers. lochte says he hopes hwi
10:08 am
2020 olympics for his country. >> we've been talking about thit all morning long. long. all over the story at thisthi point.poin i have said this earlier.. i see him asnar sis sift and iti think he's not very bright andgd that's unfortunate. >> i think he owes lot peopleeo apology.apology. >> i just don't know what otherh kind of punish many you wouldyo give to him by the olympics comm back around again he'll be olded so he might not be able to goe g any way. an what are you going to do to him. >> he'll lose his endorse manyy deals who will choose him to endorse their product after that kind of behavior.or. >> my question is since hetion c clearly i wouldn't do thisi woun either go back to brazil to face any sort of punishment, on the record, he doesn't really have have -- >> there's no recourse g ino recourse, right.reco >> as long as he doesn't go bacb to brazil.zi >> as far as punish many goes. a >> right. >> i would never -- i'm never nr going back to brazil. brazil. >> he shouldn't.dn't he has 60ed he's not very brig bright. >> doesn't make the bestak decisions. >> i think he needs to issue an
10:09 am
his fellow swimmers, team usa, olympic committee, to >> all those people.e >> he hasn't really come forwarf in any public forum.orum >> he needs to say -- he needs to look in camera and good ioo lied. i made it up. u not i over exaggerated.ggered i was intoxicated. so wasn't making good decisionso you need to say i lied. lie i made the story up. up >> i thought i can get away witt it. >> through my brothers, myghbroe swimming brothers under the buss >> i ran home. hom >> i ran home. hom >> i left them >> exactly.xact them i would have more respect o for him. for >> it's all messed up, because u you're right.yo there's no way out of this inhi the public's eye at this point.. >> it's all we've been talkingai about. ab stealing the spotlight from the real athletes over there there doing -- >> had amazing games and rio r hosted an amazing games afteresa all the publicity was it wasn'ts going to be great.great. >> right. >> steals the show at the end e witness this silliness. sil >> he gets to be rememberedtso e forever for it.foreve >> that's true.>> >> there you go.he there's your punishment. >> 10:09 rig
10:10 am
so it's time to check what w else is trending right now.. i forgot i was running myng own teleprompter.. >> it's all good.d >> i'm sorry. any who, first up a young yg waitress have you heard aboutrdo this at a virginia dinera diner exposing a racist encounter sher had with some customers lastt week. 18-year-old sadie, says a couplu left her this note on their tabt instead of a -- that left thatet instead of a tip and it says "we only tip citizens" she wasas rattled by this note especiallyl considering these an americang born citizen of mexican decent c but still born in the unitednitd states. she says the couple gave oddga vibe when she served them notinn that they wouldn't talk to her only nod their heads. h her grandfather ended up movingv this note and line which i adore. it sayads "the owner of the restaurant says the couple --e did we show the note.ot banned from the establishmentste until they show some any way the grandfather goes ono to say how he, washington hehine would like to say to
10:11 am
and that if, f he can maybe notn face punishment, he'd like to give them a little --tl >> touch up.>>ch u >> right. right >> you know, um, the funny fun things in the news business youu get cynical because you've seen everything and i remember when somebody wrote on theirei something for the people to lool bad and the people saiood no, ww didn't write that.te you know what i mean becauseec racial tensions are high andgh a immigration issues are high. but after looking at this, it look like this happened and tono think that young girl wentirlen through that, like to have thatt racism slapped in her face likee that, in 2016, it just make me m so exhausted. like what are we doing rightoing now. >> i'm truly sorry she had toadt endure that but i also trulyru believe that karma is a, energyr those people will get theirs. ts the universe will take care of r them. th >> yeah. >> i believe it. >> i love you grandpa. >> that's right.>> t >> don't do anything to make you a fool.a fool. >> don't stoop to their level. >> exactly.>> e >> don't do it.>> d >> exactly. you need to mark this down,rk to parents.
10:12 am
today is national tooth fairy day. >> okay. >> got it. >> okay. mark it down.markdown >> got it.>> g here's the question.ion. aft the tooth fairy visits yourr home she sometimes asks that you keep the baby teeth, right yes t the question is do you, do you u keep the baby teeth. tee. >> um-hmm. >> my kids do.>> i have no idea where that stuffu >> your kids do. d >> maybe my wife notice. nic i have no clue. ce >> let's hope she noes.oe >> if you do keep those baby teeth a new study says you'resor actually doing the right thing. researchers say those baby teeth are good source of stem cells cs that means if your child ever ee needed replace many tissue later in life, the stem cells fromrom those teeth could actually bellb used to grow that tissue. >> wow. that is amazing.g. and i will keep every tooth that hayden --haen -- >> now i'll find them.ow i >> here to that doesn't mean you startta pulling them wisdom.puin >> that was going to be the next step because i can't find themde give me some more. >> listen here's the next t question that comes to the toott fairy. how about the going rate for th to
10:13 am
leave when she visits yourour house? well we're waiting fornf the annual tooth fairy survey it actually comes out today.ay. but last year, she left an s lef average of $3..19 per tooth anda that was down from the year before.. >> yeah. >> really?>> rea >> that's normal?al? >> that's how much you guys y g leave $3?3? >> when the tooth fairy has come by, you know, about five buck.k >> fief dollars tooth?tooth >> um-hmm.>> >> really? >> high roller over >> i guess she likes her house.u i'm pretty sad i'm going to havv to cut open my tooth necklaceecc that i have of all the girls. gs >> i can't believe you haven't worn that. >> maybe a little distracting. >> how much does the tooth fairy leave at the martin household. >> when they consult with my cfo miss martin. i'm guessing maybe a dollar orng two. i don't know. >> you don't even know? >> no.i 't al the tnot all in the tooth fairy, are you.ou. >> i'm just saying.'m jusng as the non cfo in the house isei let her handle that section.tion >> yeah.h >> maybe we should call her.allh >> she deals with that.hels >> i'm going t
10:14 am
tell her $10 per tooth.ooth >> don't get her remove as cfo.. >> my child hasn't lost any yety >> oh really.>>h re >> it's about five years old. >> yeah.ea. >> kindergarten.rg >> that's how i recognizeze kindergarten pictures because she start and first grade.ra >> hutch is the tooth fairye toy going to leave.go >> i'll talk with her.l lk with but that's a good question.est i don't know. i have to think about he.. >> $5.5. >> $5 per tooth.oo. >> that seems steep. t i think $5 maybe for big tooth. >> okay. >> front tooth. >> one of the two front >> um-hmm. >> i don't know. i >> that's lot. >> how much does the tooth fairy leave the your house.e yo hou ? that's what we need to know #gooddaydc.#g we need consultants that worklts here. >> all right. r. >> 10:14 is the time.0:14 still ahead at 10a kevin and jessica al ban, talking aboutkia everything from gun villians to her side job to her new movie the mechanic sequel. sue it's a sequel.uel not a reboot, not row make, it'' a sequel. >> okay. mechanic sequel.equel. >> it's good.oo first the musical drought iss over for frank ocean fans. bri
10:15 am
surprise and a fender bender for leo. we'll have all the detailsetai coming up when we check out thee good day celebrity dish. dis ♪ ♪
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
look at air. >> is that who that is.t is. >> i thought you said air. >> if you're looking for infoorf we'll give you your wish because it's time for the good dayay celebrity dish. >> is he the poet.t. >> throw it out there, fish. f >> all weekend.. >> it's going to be >> here we go. first up, frankie ocean fans ror joyce because you don't have hae choice.choi. >> why did you call him frankiee >> i don't know.>> i don i got that in my head. h >> frank ocean. two.two. this is what they do when they e go in the booth.oo >> take two it's awry dodge that's what i was talking abouto here we go. we go >> first up, frank ocean fansan rejoice, because you don't have choice.chce. because the wait is finally ov over. frank ocean dropped his album blown over thed weekend. on apple music one day afterer released 45 minute visual album called endless.lledndle it's the follow up 2012 album debut album
10:19 am
orange. ocean mark the release f blondfn with pop up stores in los angeles, new york, london and chicago.o. chicago so you don't have far to go. go. >> that doesn't go.t go and go. the samdoe word. that's low.. >> um-hmm. >> if -- >> we'll let you know. >> when you were looking for some mo'.. >> mo is not here today. tay >> oh, my gosh so so.. okay. okay. oops, looks like britney spearsr has sprung a leak.eak a leaked album that is. her ninth studio album glory ses to be row leased this friday --- >> that doesn't look like britt britt.brt. >> britt britt has eye id filters.lter it hit the internet saturdayatda night. the roll out for the album hasn't been smooth sailing. saig spears switched director force d the make me music video aft the initial version was reportedlyel too sexy.too she released four singles offesf the album and confirm to perforo at the 2016
10:20 am
this sunday. >> always a fun day.n day >> it is a fun day. >> um-hmm.m. >> watch her hips sway.wa >> yeah. not just one way. >> i got nothing to contribute.. we'll go up next. (laughter). >> come on erin como. >> you want me to play.o >> there you go.>> t >> okay. okay >> play new york city way. >> no way. w >> here we go.. >> allison just say. >> here we go. up next authorities say actor leo dicaprio and his danishh model involved in minor accidend in the ham tons over the weeke weekend. eastampton police say --- >> pretty. >> very pretty. leo range rover was rear endeded by a minnow cooper 4:30 saturday afternoon. >> isn't that what you drive,aty erin. >> i swear it was not mean.t wa everyone is okay after theok aft accident and leo was even seen comforting the driver. dve there would have been picturesvr if leo was comforterring me ofno mini cooper and his girl frien
10:21 am
everything turned out okay the there. >> he was comfort his girlfrien and super model. >> she's from -- >> danish.>> dh. >> the danish girl friend.en >> the danish i like tha >> just monday. >> allison, you have to drop the mike. >> i haven't heard about any off these celebrity stories so far.r >> none of them touched your you heart.het. >> here's your chance to get alt in. in. this one is sad. controversial figure but lol pearlman the successful managerg of the boy bands like back b street boys in sync and convicted felon died in prison o over the weekend at the age of 62. 62 >> no idea.>> no idea >> pearlman was convicted ofwasv fraud back in 2008 after 300 mill dollars ponzi scheme was uncovered he was sued byd was e hundreds of people inn clueing g the back street boys, since his passing lance bass took tooo t twitter to say he might not havh been a stand up businessman butn i would not be doing what i love without his influence muchen muc that's very classy. lance wasn't alone. a
10:22 am
tweeted love him or hate him, lou gave many of us our start.rt it's a shame he let greet greedd get in his way. aj mc lean of the back street sr boys tweeted saying manyy emotions at the news of lou's passing.pass i'll not have met my foury fo brothers without him and justin timberlake marked his passing saying quote hoped he found mess ". >> so mazing.>> so ma >> very nice.>>y >> very nice comments.y nime >> they could have gone ad havea different way but they chose class. >> they chose not to.ose not to >> took the high road.oa >> congratulations to miranda lambert but guess what, guys,uy she's getting married.ed >> she is? >> yes. y. in 25 years. >> the 32-year-old singer hitr t the stage new jersey metlife m stadium on saturday an nounsednd that a pine sized fan asked forr her hand in marriage and thatndt she accepted. adorable sick yeared boy hisy hs name was sebastian she said yesy saying, yes, but in 25 years she showed off her pink julyed engage many rink saying it was
10:23 am
her first favorite proposal ev ever. >> sorry blake.orry >> that's sebastian was such a gentleman.n. >> also seems like sorry blake.e >> that seems like a good take. >> speakinspeaking of blake sheo the cover of some magazine it'ss like the quote he's a racist and then it shows old tweetss uncovered from -- this happened when you were gone. you >> did you hear this story.r tho >> no. >> basically like years ago --- >> like 10 years ago. >> something like that. >> homophobic and race seiveei jokes he said he's always been e comedian and he doesn't reallyll feel like anybody who noes me,sm he'll stick to music.ic it's interesting.esting. i don't know how you feel aboutu it like 10 year later they'reer out there.out he tweeted them he didn't deny >> he admitted that. he now the cover is, you know, he's a racist and a quote from somebody and just interestingt s that that kind of takes over. >> everything.thin. >> because i was pretty shockedo because he seems to be, youe,ou know, a nice guy, but every timt i see his name now i think
10:24 am
that. >> now you think of that. >> i think about it going back k to the ryan lochte.lohte. >> you wonder what he's reallys like for i'm hoping he's a good guy. g >> i go on vacation i watch no news. news. >> i love it.>> >> i have no idea what happenede in the world other than i did dd watch the olympic. >> nice to take little detox ana >> yes.>> yes >> unplug. >> snug as bug in a rug. >> aww. aww >> you brought your rappingou skills back with you. >> oh, skills from mills, my, friends.friends. >> that's right. tha 10:24 is our can't talk about back to skullol without talking to little back b to school fashion, right? on coming up later we'll show youou some mom and daughter approvedve looks. >> not easy.>>ot e that's not >> it's going to take some off struggle out of getting ready ii the morning.morng >> okay. >> i'm watching.>> i'm wat i'll all eye b >> before we head to the break k let's show off back to schoolch fashion right now.w. okay. this is -- this uniform always y looks good, right.ig >> rock it brennan. >> mighty titans. brendan's force day eighth grade
10:25 am
the titan.. >> corey heading out to schoolcl and first day of that's big day.ay >> get it corey. it y. >> i want to inspire the world.. have the keys to success.ucss >> i got the keys, the keys, the keys. >> thank you. tha you >> sixth grade here i come.ome >> keep them coming. hashing to five fox first day. want a glow that shows and age that doesn't? new luminous light hydrating lotion pearl-optics science fades the look of dark spots evens tone and hydrates skin for instant illumination. olay luminous ageless.
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10:27 is our time right nowt looking live there at reaganve national airport on this mondayn morning and it is set up to be a gorgeous, gorgeous day. day >> it is.s. >> cannot wait to get out in it. >> oh rolly.holly. >> yeah. me, too. >> i love it when it's niceit nc outside. so i can get last couple of dayd before school starts i got lots of stuff to do.stuffo gary mcgrady, so what's goings on? how you doing? doi >> you have a list for the kidsk to do? is that what you'rethaty talking about.taing >> same thing in my house, garyo same thing. t i'm doing it, they're doing it. is the that simple.ple >> okay.>> o good for the next couple of dayy then it will be hot and sticky k again. look enjoy this.s. todatoday, tomorrow, high presse is in in cont that's got stuff, right? soighs high pressure gets right on topn of us. keeps all the humidity out of of here.. temperatures will be pretty et close to normal for a change a a instead of way up in the 90in te where is we have been for then t last, well, you know, like the e last two or three week.e wk. we've been into the 90s and it i feels like the humidity has jusj been unbearable.e. this high pressure does shiftsht off to the east a little bit bub it take awhile.. t
10:29 am
that we're having today and we'll have again tomorrow foromr the most part wednesday looksed pretty nice.pretty it's a little warmer onme o wednesday. little bit more humid but still pretty good the neck to you days. as we get into the latter part of the week. that's when we're thinking thatt the heat comes back.heatomes the humidity comes back. b chance for thunderstorms, too., certainly comes back in her byhb how about temperature it that right now? 76 so we're going gi up. we're close to 80 here. annapolis 77 degrees. doesn't feel like it they because the relativeel humidityd so nice and low. l it stays that way today. today so we'll warm up.m we're going to go mid 80s today. some spots stay in the lowerhe l 80s. in terms of clouds we're looki g at satellite picture he. the only thing i see fair weather cloudiness back to the north and some will dri fthrough northernh western neighborhoods from timeb to time. we're expecting conditions with a lot of sunshine today.ndine t. again, winds will be coming incn from the northwest so real real nice. 11:00 o'clock temperatures we'rw at around seventy nine or so.veo by 2:00 o'clock, we're going to be reaching and peeking at theit heat of the day at least here ir the city.the
10:30 am
but let me just say this. thi northwestern suburbs you guys yg will be only probably lower 80s for highs today.od. 81, 82.,2. a couple of places 83. 83. so that's just going to being to fabulous. again a little bit of a breeze z so it's going to feel real realr seven day forecast looks likesl this. 80s next couple of days.le ofs. i tell you get out there enjoy it. any way you can.y way u can. 85 the next couple of days.coupd little warmer on wednesday.edney little bit more humid but iumidb wouldn't call it humid on wednesday it really does look r like the humidity -- looks likes the humidity comes back thursd thursday. friday, friday is the nextt significant chance of getchan something showers andthing show thunderstorms.thun popping up out ahead of a frontt i think thursday it's going feef like about 95 to 96. 96. friday it's going to feel like 97, 98., 9 a couple of spots close tose t 100 degrees will be the heat tha index on friday.x onda we cool off a little bit into bt the weekend.the eke at least back down into the dowo upper 80s and the low 90s. 90s. so pretty nice. n pretty nice the next couple ofcp days no matter whatever youteve decided to. try to do it outside for littlel litterer reward
10:31 am
>> very good, looking forward it to. t thank you very much.u very much. still ahead and good day dc, the mechanic is back and this time she's out to save -- he's out tt save the love of his live playee by jessica alba. a kevin got a chance to sit down d with the new face in thiss franchise. we'll talk about what she toldol him about accidentally punchingh people in the face while she waw unprepared for her part in then teen choice awards and what it'i like running a billion dollarr company in between acting gigs.g stick around. back in a moment.ent >> mac is the only one who understanding me. ♪
10:32 am
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[001:33:12;00] i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
10:34 am
find your walk near you at ♪ you have 36 hours torso eliminate all the targets on this or they will eliminate me. >> mechanic is back. whether you wanted him to be or not. jason is back.
10:35 am
that was part of the trailer t action thriller starring jasonon much this time around jason is playing arthur bishop and he's left -- somebody has contract cc out to kill somebody namedyam jessica alba.a. (laughter).. >> i gave the whole plot away. the bad guy captures his loveov interest played by jessica alba. kevin had chance to sit downo sn with her last week and in then t interview it ran all over thehe place.ace. everything from her recentecen appearance on fox's teen choicee awards she joined kidsid personally affected by guny gu violence as calls of act againsn it to making the new movie too her multi billion dollar sideid job and co-founder of the honess here's it is. >> i'm carry yous how movie you punches and kicks work because u mean there's an epic shot wheree you just nail somebody backwar backwards. how actually close to you get to their face and do you everr accidentally connect?? >> yeah.
10:36 am
you get pretty close, andlose a sometimes you do accid connect. nn >> right. >> is it all in the angle thou though, know to stop at ap at a certain point?oint >> you don't really stop.. ly follow through. they have to move their face.ov if they de on't move their facet will get, um, smacked with an a elbow or a >> few week ago i was doing a dg story about you on my tv in dc -- >> you were. >> amazing teen choice awardchod thing you did. >> oh yeah.h >> slutlyly incredible. it really touched me.ucme. when you do something like thate as an actessow does that t affect you.affect you it's a really big deal but but emotional thing as wellel >> i didn't anticipate, um, really the gravity of, you know, what that moment meant for allna of the kids who wanted to stand up there, um, and raise awareness around something that obviously, you know, we can talk in our -- around it and itt becomes a political issue, um, u
10:37 am
one side or the other side, but, at the end of the waking up every single daygle dy without loved one. one >> right. >> or with memory of watching the most horrific thing everr happen, and so i just -- that--a set in when we were kind of allf up there, and it was -- it wasis really tough. >> one thing i fine fascinatingg you have this company call thesn hahn never company which is com incredible. as an actress, do you utilizeli your acting -- is there anyre ay acting tools that you learned in this business that you also usee use to help run businesses as well? does that kind of go inon together? >> you know, you have to be diplomatic.atic >> um-hmm. >> with the balances that youlac are trying to tackle becauseeecu there's many, you know, k different people that have hav different opinions and, um, andd people want to feel validated and so you can't -- even if youy disagree, you can't make someonm feel like they're not importanta or they don't matter, but they y absolutely matter, and it's a a lot of problem solving and and coming up with solutions andth
10:38 am
it's all a sbout collaboration.o at the end of the day you can'tn make, you know, tremendous amount ofun collaboration and you certainly can't run a business without a tremendous amount of collaboration. >> mechanic resurrection hitshs theaters friday. 10:38 is our time right now. if you are on social media lotot you may have seen these harambee the gorilla has been the star of countless memes on social mode ya since his death of most of o them are just supposed to besetb funny, but at least one personn says, it's no joke. jok the head of the cincinnati zooai where harambe lived says the zoz is still hurting from the deathd of the beloved gorilla over the weekend his twitter account wasw hacked and memes were posted on it. . afterwards, he told the ap "our zoo pham family is still healina and the constant mention of her ram bee makes moving forward more difficult for us" somee people say the memes originallyi started with the goal of of honoring the gorilla but arere since taken on life of their owo
10:39 am
and meant to symbolize taking things too you know what, i don't knowk if -- you know, you and i are on social media gangsters i said sd that a number of time.f t i don't know if you'll be able to stop this.tois >> you can't stop it. can >> the people who are doing itg don't care.don't . >> right. >> they can hide behind fake bi names and do whatever they wanty i don't know how you can stop n it. >> making fun of him.of h >> being a wise guy and i i totally get it. i still hate to even see that >> i know. iw >> so i don't think it's funny. i'm glad somebody said something but it won't stop it. >> saying something willl probably ignite it even more. i believe you -- like what youhy said it will run its course inrs due time.due time. >> on to the next one. >> on to the lofty lochte memess which those probel probably arey funny.funn die see one. one i did something funny. jim lokay might have have postes this it was brian williamsli sitting >> i saw that one. o >> oily i saw the whole >> it was funny.
10:40 am
>> folk don't like liars.eiars >> >> there's a lot of things youtn can get past.n get . but liar is something different. >> a little something differentf >> you choose to do that.ho >> all right.os>> speaking of social media a let'l check in with err reason now atw our big board with some tweets.t >> just as we've been talkingali about lochte gate that's the big talker with the hash tag, ryan saying... >> moving forward, he was big oo this story today. vaughn.vaug giselle disagrees and says holly michael phelps got dui anduind several endorsement contracts. c should ryan lochte lose his fors this mistake? she's just posinn that question.stio >> i think michael phelps didlpd that to himself on his own, ryan lochte threw his fellow swimmers unthe bus and also disrespectedc an entire nation. nation. michael phelps disrespectedte himself. >> different >> and he did it.d it >> plus phelps was over here,veh right. >> he was in the us.e was exactly.ex >> that's all i'm saying.all >> i really like michael phelpse
10:41 am
under armor campaign it says it what you do in your darkest it's a good commercial >> he own it. i >> he said i made a mistake and it affected >> right exactly.xa little different situation dif there. moving over to the toothth pharaoh. tooth fairy leaves about fiveav bucks a tooth in oures house. >> yay. >> we have the same tooth fairy. >> really? r >> um-hmm. >> five bucks a tooth seems tott be the going rate. let's see. j jeez. >> lori says the tooth fairy fay leaves a gold dollar coin soar i that go with the gold coin tocot make it special.. >> that's fun.s fun. >> tooth fairy is very generousr for the first and last tooth five bucks gold coins, too thatt make it fun.t fun you can see the cut out there and the gold coins so the kid te can remember all the presents pt they get. >> when the tooth fairy leaves l money the my house my kids losee the money that agitates dad. dad >> buy a little change >> yeah. >> or wallet. or waet >> i don't appreciate that att all.. >> don't just put it in yourou pock.pock
10:42 am
>> if somebody loses it doesoe somebody else fine it. >> erin, i think she has to reaa >> allison you and wisdom have e little contest coming up. >> we do. >> kenneth says, just be the the hype man erin he heard my lackk of rhyming skills as wisdom juss blew us away with celebrity di dish. dish. >> what kind of contest we got s coming up does we're doing the e challenge at the same t you do one and then i do one oro i do one -- i can't decide.ecid should i go first or secondr seo because i'm nervous.use i'rv >> go second.>> go i think you're going nail it.aii >> i think you're going tonightt too. i haven't even practiced. >> #gooddaydc let us know whatut you think of allison and wisdom. >> allison will nail it. it. wisdom is very from legit. >> noise try. try >> nice try. (laughter). >> oh, boy. boy >> all right.>> allight wow! >> still ahead at 10:00, taking0 a little bit of the struggle ouu of the back to school.l. coming up we're going to showngo you how to nail some simple siml looks that you and your daughteh will love. >> i can't wait to see this.his. >> right. >> it's simple. simple ease is he to put together. 10:42 is our time.
10:43 am
that's happe we'll be right back. ♪
10:44 am
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know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. ♪ believe it or not, it ist i that time of year again.gain summer is over and for thousando of students all across the dmvmv we've been sharing pictures frof the first day back all morning r long and we've seen the range of styles that you can rock for back to school.back to scho but we all know picking those clothes and hairstyles it canlet get a little he can hafting cani every morning.ev so this morning we recruited
10:46 am
some hel to show you some simple looks lo that could sa maybe perhaps more importantlyot headaches, here with the back tc skull style every mom can nailan at home, amanda moran and jeff enriques with style me good morning to both of you.fou thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> finding looks that mom and daughter can agree on --n -- >> absolutely. >> you might be able to solveabl world piece if you can do thatnt as well. as well. >> first and for most it'sndor m mostly important to prep thepr e night before. i mean ---- >> really.>> really. >> yes. make sure your hair is wash.h. so that in the morning it savesa you some time.veme tim >> really? because i'm a shower in the morning type of girl.l >> you can get a shower in the e morning.rnin have the hair washed and ready r to in the morning all you have to e do is is digit. >> let's talk about the confident looks.tidt lo you did the hair and makeup anda what we're going for here. >> this is izzi and izzi is a a lacrosse player, sporty and obviously still hot out and it's going to be hot throughough so we put her hair iemn ponytail and, upping, these top knots ara still in.
10:47 am
still too twist it like so and tuck nightt the rubber ban. or you can just take that opinion and pin it. and there you go. you got a nile list top bun. it doesn't have to be neate because at the really not thell style to have it neat.e it nt. >> yeah. >> there she is. >> this is our sporty spice.pice >> here she is ready to rt let's tack about the makeup th then. >> again, eyes see is 10 years a old. we'll keep everything light and fresh.esh. very age appropriate.te so we used a very light tintedie balm all over the skin. s even her out.even her out. you can still see her frecklesle and her skin.d her . so sen we gave her a little waterproof liquid blurb on her cheeks ands lips double duty. d nothing much on the eyes. kept it it really simple. simpl >> she's beautiful going in. you don't need to add lot. lot this is the time we me need too make sure we're teach our youngy girls to take care of her skin.i >> it's all about skin air atabu this point. >> what are we using in terms of
10:48 am
tha >> very basic miser riser oil free combination skin, hydratese and it's great for sports. spf15 she's ready to take on the eleld. up next who do we have. h >> this is sophie ya. thi she's going to be junior thisiot year obviously she's got g beautiful hair.r. back to the prepping the nightee before. she has got a ton of so i absolutely recommend, youmo know, showering the night befo before. just shampooing your hair the te night before.ghbef curling it and if you twist your hair up i fell everybody this, i and sleep on it like this, pull the clip out, and look. l we've got some beautiful curls.s >> my gosh. stop it. look at that.okthat >> yes she's a cheerleader soads she is ready for school. schoo she is one of our you know she's got this beautiful hair and the curls there are.s th >> is this what you're callingti the girly girl look. l >> yes, it is. absolutely.ab >> all right.>> all rig >> jeff how we looking on thenge front >> so makeup wise, um, sophia is 15.
10:49 am
15. beautiful.. i gave her a foundation medium coverage.age. it's waterproof as well.s well. so it's great for her being bng active.acti. very light on the eyes.n the . i used a paint pot from mac a waterproof eye shadow and creame mascara top and bottom. blush and a nice lip.. little gloss.ttle >> what do you find for youngern the biggest mistake they makeak with makeup.p >> too much liner. too mh li the raccoon liner, lips. lips. >> that's no your mom saying it. that's professional saying it.ig we can listen to that. peak sure we get our third looko in her. h >> this is anobia.a. and she wants the hair off herrh face much this is her natural texture and obviously her hair i is beautiful.. and we just put, you know, keepe it off her face.e. we just did really nice braidici back here. >> gorgeous braid. is that something she can doethn herself or --heo >> you know what, with all the youtube videos there's so muchso you can do yourself.. and braids are not hard. h they're still in style and everybody is adding a braid ofdf
10:50 am
some sort to nice soft curls with big barrelr iron and you know, if you getu t the right curling iron and it'sd got enough heat you don't need e to curl your hair more than onco day.da >> good tip. >> some of these girls -- >> frying their hair. fei >> we don't need to do real quickly her makeup. >> she's 18. went a little extra with it but decided to dial back keep it agi appropriate and quick and easy.. even foundation she's wearing is wooder proof from mac prolongedd nourishing formula.ormula you can sweat thou that and a you'll still be good for the day.y. gave her little blurb. blu very light on the eyes.n the eye same paint pot i used for the other two ladies here.s her lots of mascara.ascara tons of mascara and little bit b of shadow underneath the eyes. e little bit of nude lip.. >> everybody looks great.dyooks thank you so much jeff and man today. today. >> your eyes have a lot of looko on the app people just downloada it.
10:51 am
>> download our app style me bae or you can go to style me book an appointment.poin we come to your home, home,om hotel room. >> lost.>> >> definitely check them ony thursdaying they have a tip ofty the day thursday which you might enjoy as well.l. we'll have more. mor don't forget what's it called, e what challenge are we doing. >> so gone. gon we are so gone >> so gone challenge coming upp next. oh, no. >> wis is getting his moves ready. ♪ surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person.
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a whole other world awaits. ♪ >> all right. r let's do it then. >> up first wis see d on the d e mike.mi >> allison is up first. fir >> am i. >> yes. let's go.let's . >> allison, i believe in you.ev >> thank you.>> >> you can do it.o it. >> ♪ go ahead.he. >> i got whole thing right here. >> get the prompter together foe my words. ♪ >> okay. >> little 50-year-old wisdom wis holly i'm doing it for ya'll.a'.
10:55 am
sitting here thinking about thee right thing to say but, h isn't that like every other dayy you got to prove yourself showho your greatness because there's's always some fool trying to testo your patience.atienc no who you are, know where you stand, believe in yourself,el that's the master plan. plan. kick down the door to your future, and walk on through andn when you get there, rememberbe allison sent you. you ♪ >> that's what i'm talking abo about. >> that's what i'm talkingat i about. >> that's what i'm talking about. here we go.he >> your turn. your >> come over here.over he i need all ya'll over here. h >> you believed in me.elved >> start that music. mus we don't have all day.ay need to you stand over here. >> ♪ >> turn it up the base. ♪ all right will smith. >> ♪ >> you are now looking live atga the good day team on fox5 i got allison and holly and steve -- e steve is on leave.eave you want the weather tucker is
10:56 am
not so gary is going to have have tt ♪ >> i'm not done.>> not done. wait a minute. you through me off.roug here we go. ♪ we got some more info so if so you're looking for that we goteg erin como. you know what, i'm not feeling e what's going on right here. look, here we go.o. wait, wait, wait, wait. w here we go. ♪ info entertainment on fox5,, ya'll messed me up. up. >> what? (laughter).. >> take that mike gone home. >> right, right, right, take the mike gone home. >> that's good.d. that's
10:57 am
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just for sleep. it's live on the wendy williams show oig. >> wendy: how you doing. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all hot topics, all hour long. all puig. week. i take it straight in chaser. >> now here's wendy!nin chaser. >> now here's wendy!oin chaser. >> now here's wendy!n chaser. >> now here's wendy! chaser. >> now here's wendy!week. i take it straight no chaser. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: and away we go. happy monday. thanks for watching the show.


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